Initiation course at wicca-curso de iniciação na wicca

Wicca initiation course
Wicca came to bring Health, Wealth, and Prosperity to all Women by the unswerving right of the great Universal Goddess. It is a way to recover the Self-esteem and the Values ​​of the Woman. It is the ransom of Feminine Importance, worship of the Goddess. The investigation of our Soul makes us conceptualize that there are Powers that would lead our life to a change so radical that the limits of our daily life would be confused with the limitless. With the practices in our rituals, we can conquer our MAGICAL HERITAGE, lost in the distant past. All Women, all Feminine Creatures carry the essence of the Goddess, of the Eternal Feminine which is one of the Three Forces of the Ray of Creation, being the Virgin, the Maiden and the Elder. They are a set of 15 Lessons Illustrated in Digital Book form, which gives to every student the main Teachings, Practices and Rituals of Paganism and Modern Witchcraft baptized from Wicca to the Religion of the Goddess.

1st Lesson: The History of Paganism and Witchcraft
All Women, all Feminine Creatures carry the Essence of the Goddess, the Eternal Feminine which is one of the Three Forces of the Ray of Creation represented by the Virgin, the Maiden and the Elder.
Our ancestors planted an excellent seed that is now blossoming in this New Age of Aquarius.
The History of Paganism and Witchcraft
The History of Paganism
The Celts
The Druids
The History of Sorcery
Witches respect all religions
Witches celebrate the ancient gods of nature
Discrimination against witchcraft
Without harming anyone, do what you want.
Witches and witches do not practice orgies
Christianity has always tried to convert or exterminate pagan peoples
The emergence of wicca
1st Practical Lesson
Awakening the supra-senses
Relaxation technique
Initiation course at wicca

INITIATION COURSE IN WICCA -2nd Lesson: Wicca to Modern Witchcraft
In this Fantastic Course of Initiation Nà Wicca you will see that the Great Mother represents the Universal Energy Generating Life, the Uterus of All Creation.
The Goddess is shown with three faces: the Virgin (crescent moon), the Mother (full moon) and the Old Wise (moon waning), the latter being more related to the witch in the popular imagination.
The Great Mother is the most familiar face of the Goddess and by which She is most called since the beginning of time.
The Goddess as Mother symbolizes the one who gives life, but it can also take it away, just like everything in Nature. She cares about her children, she is fertile, sexual, just, self-assured.
The Rebirth of Sorcery
Gerald b. Gardner (1884-1964)
Wiccan Traditions
Top international wicca authors
Top Brazilian authors of Wicca
The great mother, the principle of the eternal feminine
Male principle or corn god
The coven
The organization of the coven
The Priestess and the Priest
Lone Wicca Practice
Initiation course at wicca

Initiation course at wicca-curso de iniciação na wicca

INITIATION COURSE FOR WICCA-3rd Lesson: The Magic Circle
Pagan rituals have always been performed in Nature, the sacred abode of the gods and their representation. Generally, they happened in circles of stones, places of great magnetism and power.
The fact is that the ancient Celtic peoples believed too much in the cyclical nature of things and the circle became a sacred symbol not only for them, but for almost all peoples.
The circle marks the beginning of a ritual. It is usually traced as we traverse the ritual area for three consecutive times, with our athame or staff. Then we evoke the spirits of the elements, just as we invoke the gods.
The circle is also seen as the best way to preserve and contain the energy created during the course of a ritual and bring it into the cone of power.
How to Create the Magic Circle
Invocation to the Goddess
Invocation to God
The consecration of the Objects of Power
The athame
Opening the Circle
Closing the Circle
Initiation course at wicca
INITIATION COURSE WICCA- 4th Lesson: The Pentagram
The pentagram evokes a multiple symbology, always based on number 5, which expresses the union of the unequals.
The five points of the pentagram agree, in a fecund union, the 3, which means the male principle, and 2, which corresponds to the feminine principle.
The pentagram is the symbol of all magical creation
The five points of the pentagram
The five elements and the pentagram
Learn to make the sign of pentagram protection
How to trace the pentagram in the air with your fingertips
2nd Practical lesson:
The control of the vital force
Concentrating on light blue light
WICCA INITIATION COURSE-5th Lesson: The 8 Sabbels of the Wheel of the Year
We Wiccans celebrate 8 Sabbaths that are holy days or holidays, based on the wheel of the year. The cycles of the seasons, the sun and the moon, which constitute the cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth.
They are symbols of the changes and Spiritual Growth that takes place throughout our lives.

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